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Home News ACVPN takes rightful position on Pastor Feyi Daniel case

ACVPN takes rightful position on Pastor Feyi Daniel case



ACVPN takes rightful position on Pastor Feyi Daniel case



Recently Nigerian Pastor, Feyi Daniels was Sentenced to life imprisonment for raping church member is being applauded in many groups and individuals are being credited for ensuring that he was brought to book.

The genesis of this Feyi Daniels case, can be traced back to ACVPN as the Front-line organization that raised the alarm on the sexual harassment that the so called pastor was metering out to his victims.

It is necessary to draw the attention of all the necessary bodies from law enforcement, judiciary etc. for intervention and proper investigation.

Even when it seemed like the case was about to be swept under the carpet due to compromises by those who are saddled with the responsibility to prosecute, the slow judicial proceedings;

Advocates For Children And Vulnerable Persons Network ensured the expedition of the case and subsequently positive outcome of this case was last week celebration by those who took the back sit when it mattered most.

It should interest the general public to know the various victims Feyi Daniel molested were all supported by the mandated reporter who is a Social worker in the Us closely monitored by ACVPN

Therefore, other groups can speak but there should be references and sincerity to ACVPN , Mr. Kenny the social worker based in the US , Wemimo Bukola Samuel of Channels Television for all her efforts in the stand for justice, fairness and protection of the vulnerable in the society.

Also, addressing the issues of impersonation of ACVPN Staff and people using the name of the organization to cause mischief and send wrong messages across board.

This comes on the heels of Eno Morris about two weeks ago, Who led a group of teenage girls for a rescue program organized by Hello Lagos and was accosted by Police officers from Ikotun Police Station on suspicion that she was involved in a Human trafficking/ Baby factory.

The attention of ACVPN Chief Operating Officer was drawn to Eno morris claim that he was aware of her program on that fateful day which was never true, It turned out that ACVPN Chief Operating Officer had not spoken with Eno Morris in the last four years.

ACVPN appeals to the general public to always make use of their
official hotline and other designated numbers for enquires.
The numbers are below


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