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Brother in law kills mother of five in Anambra over prolonged family crisis


Brother in law kills mother of five in Anambra over prolonged family crisis

The family of Okelu in Abba community, Oyi local government area, Anambra state are demanding for Justice over the gruesome murder of their daughter Mrs Nkiru Okoye by her brother in-law on July 19th
The incident happened at Ogbunike area under the same Oyi local government of  Anambra state when a 40year old woman, mother of five, was attacked by her brother in-law and his family which led to her death
Mr Emenike Okoye, a mechanic and husband of the deceased alleged that his elder brother Mr George Okoye had beaten his wife to death.
He said George equally inflicted serious injuries all over his body with the help of some group of thugs over a dispute that had been settled long ago.
Currently, the deceased husband is in the hospital recuperating.
Our correspondent gathered that the suspect had been arrested and detained by police,while his compliances are on the run.
Narrating what happened, Emenike said that on the day of the incident, he was at home preparing for work,while his wife was preparing the children to go to school around 6am, his elder brother, his wife and about three of his children came to unleashed attack on them for no cause.
“I know my family never offended or wronged my elder brother, but he came with his family invaded my house and carried out the worse attack.
“I still can’t believe my wife is gone, where will I start from and who will help me to train this children, he lamented.”
“After my children had left for school, they came back with some groups of thugs with dangerous weapons, meet my wife as she was arranging the house after the first attack, they dragged her outside, pounced on her and started hitting her with the weapons until she fell down and and gave up the ghost.
I could not do any thing at that moment, immediately they discovered my wife fell down, they rushed inside my house to drag me out but i resisted them, they used one of the weapons to make cut all over my body until I became unconscious and collapsed and they presumed I had passed on, it was just God that saved me from the attack.
According to him”I reported the incident to the local vigilante who rushed me to the hospital, I am having serious pains all over my body, I can’t see as well.
My children are little who will help me to raise these children, I never knew my brother is as wicked as this, he has cut my wife’s life short please I need justice.
“These attacks started long before our mother passed on, he claimed the ownership of my father house and the properties, he said he is my landlord while our eldest brother was alive, his continuous attack caused the death of both my brother and our mother.
He summoned us to our kindred, with their invention the properties were shared which he had the larger part, I took mine without complaining yet he is still not satisfied now he has achieved his mission by killing my wife.
“I was abroad when I had my three children it was when my company was shut down that I had to relocate back to the village.
This woman he sent to her early grave never knew any thing about the scores between us, he refused to settle dispute
and allow peace to reign so that everyone could move freely without keeping malice in the family.
My brother George was laying claims to the routes to my house, reported me to our kindred again but it was settled in my favour.
” He disagreed with the decisions of the kindred and kept troubling me to stop taking the road, I then laid a perimeter fence he pulled it down and went back to the kindred to report again and I left it.
A member of our kindred, John Onwa intervened ,wanted peace to reigned and decided to pay him N500,000 to handoff the portion so that he will also build perimeter fence to separate both of our houses, he agreed but when it was time to start the construction he rejected the offer.
The younger brother of the deceased, Mr Chidiebele Okelue on his part said that Abba people would never rest until justice is served, even as he pleaded with the authority and government to bring justice on those that murdered his sister.

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