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Home News How Sagamu police teams arrest innocent youths, collect N30.000 for bail

How Sagamu police teams arrest innocent youths, collect N30.000 for bail


How Sagamu police teams arrest innocent youths, collect N30.000 for bail


A Team of policemen, lead by (aka Satin) has been accused of conducting raids which he allegedly arrests innocent youths and extorted money from them.

The officer was alleged to have led his men at a popular bus stop Benson in Ikorodu, where some youths, who had their businesses were arrested by 11am on Monday morning.

The officers were said to have stormed the area with a coloured mini bus Kolope.

Immediately,the team was said to have taken all the suspects to Sagamu police station in Ikorodu where about 15 arrested youths were forced to pay money for Bail.

One of the victims, Emmanuel Babatunde a 19 year old apprentice was arrested when he was sent for an errand by his boss to buy food.

“They arrested me and handcuffed me, I’m not a criminal, they were demanding for N70.000 from my family for what i didn’t know about but they bargained with them and collected N30.000 cash to release me around 6 pm.

Another victim, Ifeolwua Williams said he was detained for two days and paid N20.000 cash for bail.

“I was standing beside my wares which I displayed under the Umbrella at the bus stop, that was where they accosted me and pushed me inside their bus.

“I am struggling to make ends meet, I have barbing shop here, the officer told me that for long now he has been looking for a way to deal with me.

“For Christ’s sake, I have never crossed the officer’s path or commit any crime and for this present situation someone collected such amount from me.

“I asked for my offense but instead of explaining, they beat me up, look at my hands with injury”, he said.

Another person taken with them was a 28 year old bus ticketer, Abel Sunday, who had little problem with the bus he used to work with and was just waiting for mechanic to come over and fixed the fault for them at the bus stop when they picked him up and he paid N20.000 for Bail .

Also another, victim, Uche Amachaghi was picked up at the same place, he paid N15.000 after he spent three days in the cell.

Condemning the arrest, Ahlaji Kabiru Olarnewaju a concerned citizen of Nigeria, asked why most policemen raid popular bus stops on broad day light and made arrest of innocent person.

“I have heard about how policemen arrest innocent persons, I didn’t believe that until what we witnessed on Monday.

“Benson bus-stop is a busy place where individuals stand to board buses to Lagos and other activities take place.

“I learnt that the officers claimed that they were suspected cult members, but still collect money for their bail, why is it that most of these police officers always tarnish the reputation of the Nigeria police force?

“I will advise the Commissioner of Police to redeploy some of these officers who had served for over three years in a station.

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