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And a certain man lame from his mother’s womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms from those who entered the temple” Acts 3:2.

Stewardship is service and it is not limited to persons. We have heard of community service.

Once, there is a need, service would be needed to fill it. So persons, communities; of corporate organisations, mission institutions and countries can be served!

Service ultimately is geared towards better individuals, nations and consequently, humanity.

We are ALL therefore CREATED and CALLED for a universal purpose to be; Stewards Of Nations; SON!

In our text; the problem was the need for mobility of a certain man (nation) who was lame from his mother’s womb.

He found stewardship of men who volunteered I suppose to carry him daily, we have no record of payment for their services.

Those who do such these days share in beggar takings. But their efforts at best was a temporary solution to a permanent problem!

He was carried and laid as far as their natural strength and influence could take them; at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful!

Their services were managing his problem; helping him to make the best of a bad situation; he was assisted to the place of best access to alms, Judaism and Islam demand alms giving from adherents.

It doesn’t have to be out of love, it’s compulsion induced. He was placed where those entering the place of worship can easily sight him and give to him.

Life was everything but beautiful. Access to a beautiful realm confronted his sight but he was forbidden from stepping in, for you have to be whole without disability to fellowship with the brethren.

Let’s paint a picture of a man dropped at the beautiful gate, while those who dropped him, proceeded into the temple to receive daily blessings!

He was at the mercy of two types of services; the carrier and the giver that will never solve his problem!

But one day God visited him through men whose stewardship was spiritual and so is the service they will discharge.

Whatever your challenge this week God will discharge men with spiritual capacity for a permanent solution to you in the mighty name of Jesus!

Silver and gold we don’t have… this week Mammon is dethroned upon your life in the mighty name of Jesus!

Your focus on money that hasn’t allowed you to see God for who he is, is broken over you in the mighty name of Jesus!

That which we have, we give to you; IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS RISE UP AND WALK!

Every ugliness of life will experience supernatural transformation this week in the mighty name of Jesus!

The God who is beautiful for all situations is stepping into the affairs of your life this week in the mighty name of Jesus!

God is raising Stewards after the new order.

Not men who will take advantage of their nation’s disabilities in spite of great potentials and carry her to drop at the beautiful gate and move on with their own lives.

Leaving them with stories of how beautiful life can be on the other side.

The hopelessness and helplessness of nations across Africa is coming to an end in the mighty name of Jesus!

Advantage taking leaders are giving ways to advantages giving leaders!

Our beggarly culture is giving way to a giver status!

Africa is rising to the status of her natural endowment, Donor nations are rising out of this continent!

The dependency and stagnancy of African nations is ending.

We are experiencing divine elevation and transformation in every area of national life in the mighty name of Jesus.

I declare by God under my Apostolic mandate that this is Africa’s season of healing in the mighty name of Jesus!

Every lame system is healed in the mighty name of Jesus.

Strength I give to the ankle bones of system disabilities in the mighty name of Jesus!

Strength, I say receive, in every area of weaknesses in the mighty name of Jesus!

Your bones and systems shall wax strong in the mighty name of Jesus!

Your reproach of many years will vanish in the mighty name of Jesus!

Nigeria, your barrenness expires in the mighty name of Jesus!

You will be fruitful and multiply from henceforth in the mighty name of Jesus!

The barrenness of success in your life is terminated in the mighty name of Jesus!

The downturn in your economy and businesses of your people will halt and be turnaround in the mighty name of Jesus!

Profitability shall replace losses in the mighty name of Jesus!

All things will turn around for your good in the mighty name of Jesus!

You will rejoice and praise the name of the Lord for a new Africa and Nigeria in the mighty name of Jesus!

Like @Chima Christian do say, African morning is here!

Please, pray along; we are trusting God for a speaker who will by God do justice to one of the most important topics; Central Banking: Stewarding Monetary Policy For Wealth Creation For Citizens and Nations.

Do plan and prepare to attend ART 2024; STEWARDS OF NATIONS.

For further information about ART:


See you at ART!

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, Convener.

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