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Who are President* *Tinubu’s* *Advisers?- CCGI*


*Who are President* *Tinubu’s* *Advisers?- CCGI*



By Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

“We are still wondering who advises Mr. President and who prepares his itinerary.

“Was the cutting of ribbon at Minna airport more reasonably official than the almost 300 children kidnapped in neighbouring Kaduna state? I expected something better from the nation’s father.

The two earlier paragraphs were the take away for me at the Press Conference organised by Civic Consciousness Global Initiative, a body of Christian Elders, men and women committed to pricking the conscience of leaders and orientating and re-orientating the populace on citizens’ duties and responsibilities towards a better and greater Nigeria.

The central call at the Civil Consciousness Global Initiative Press Conference was to fear God and obey Him.

The chairman of the Civil Consciousness Global Initiative (CCGI), Rev Solomon Adegbolagun has called on those in power to obey the voice of God.

Adegbolagun said this during a press conference at Hoarse Memorial Methodist church; Yaba Lagos, yesterday.
He said that if leaders should have listening ears to what the Holy Spirit is saying, I believe it will help them to sort out various difficulties in Nigeria.

He described the current situation as the worst since the inception of Nigeria.
“In addition to the hardship across the nation, security challenges have added to what the populace are experiencing.
“At CCGI, we have a commitment to speak the truth to those in power and prayerfully support them to do the right thing.
“We also have the responsibility to regularly create the consciousness of responsible citizenship to the populace.

He said that the press conference was for the press to help in amplifying the truth and get the message of what the people are feeling to the people in power.

“Our gathering here today is to have our friends who are the watchmen of the society to help us make our voices louder and wider.

“The resolve to be consistent in reviewing the state of the nation was further strengthened by our understanding of the prophecy that preceded Jesus birth in Isaiah 9; which says that THE GOVERNMENT SHALL BE UPON HIS SHOULDER.

“This is not just about the spiritual government but also the physical government. If the church had been responsible enough, she would be calling the shots in governance.

“But we had long abdicated that responsibility because we termed the road to governance, a dirty path until it started stinking and the stench wouldn’t let us breathe.”

He reckoned with the fact that hunger is really biting hard on everyone, not just the poor crying but the rich also!

“We are aware some governments are offering 25% subsidy on food items as palliative. Though commendable, the question remains, ‘are the people now smiling?’

In reaction to CCGI on food palliative, I am forced to ask; of what use is 25% subsidy on Food when the subsidy removal of fuel has eroded the purchasing power of the people and inflation is at all time high at 29.90% according to the National Bureau of Statistics, NBC, February 2024 released data!

“Many people are adjusting their eating schedules from three square meals to two or one. We are inundated daily by calls or physical visits to our offices and houses by those who need meals to survive”.

“We imagine also how many are subjected to such ordeals and worst is, they may not have anyone to call upon. Hunger is really becoming a plague in the land,” he added.

He noted the length and breadth of this nation is exposed and porous, adding, `nowhere is really guaranteed to be safe. Even those who should guarantee our safety are not themselves trustworthy nor could they assure us of being up to the task!

“The truth is that insecurity has two sides: there’s the sensationalized ones and also the business ones. In my view, the kidnapping and killings reported are far cries from the Business ones that are usually not reported.

“Another version of insecurity which is bothersome to the nation is the activities of the Fulani Herdsmen whose militant arm has been declared the fourth most deadliest terror group in the world by Global Terrorism Index!

Fulani Herdsmen activities; A very disturbing thought is the access of these heartless species to the sophisticated weapons they brandish.

“More worrisome is the notorious idiosyncrasies that their tribe owns Nigeria and the best they could do is to hold us by the jugular. The farmlands are being recklessly trespassed and the owners, mercilessly killed or brutalized.

He noted that the genesis of the administration’s woe was the so-called subsidy removal which the people are still finding difficult to understand.

“The issue of crude oil being given to foreign refineries in exchange for finished products and a fair knowledge of international oil marketing makes the subsidy story ridiculous to a large extent.

“Somehow, it sometimes looks like our leaders make appointments trying to satisfy a handful of persons as against the hundreds of millions whose duty called them to serve!

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