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Amb Ewenla : Ramadan has help many to believe in what the Ouran preaches


Amb Ewenla : Ramadan has help many to believe in what the Ouran preaches



The Chief Executive Officer of Adedas And Company Global Service Limited, Amb Dr Adedipe Ewenla Dauda expressed appreciation to almighty Allah upon his life and entire nation

Ewenla said this at the twelfth annual Ramadan lecture organised by Adedas Group and Company in Lagos.

He said Ramadan is a month of blessing according to the Quran and Almighty Allah, I’m celebrating this to bring people who are not holy together to encourage them to embrace peace and harmony,to stay off from any act of crimes.

According to him, this twelfth annual Ramadan lecture is for Muslim faithful to gathered at Adedas Group and company to listen to the word of Almighty God and the holy Quran.

“It has helped many to believe in what the Ouran preaches and focus on the word that change them positively.

“Also Holy Quran teaches us to be royal, conscious of who we are and what we do at this point in time in midst of challenges”.

Ewenla noted that many have repented after coming for this annual lecture through the messages of the the guest lecturers who give Allah’s message that have impacted the lives of the youths.

“This youth you see here today made this programme a memorable event, they are the tomorrow’s leaders, their commitment and dedication are highly appreciated since this last 12 years

The guest lecturer and a popular Islamic scholar, Sheikh Jamiu Ajadi Sansui, explained the importance of Ramadan that Muslim faithful observe yearly.

“It’s significance is to show respect to one’s parents because of their role in nurturing and shaping individuals.

“I advise everyone to always take care of their parents, to value their guidance and also those in authority especially the clergymen”.

He noted that the lecture served as a key point to the fundamental teachings of Islam that promote love, respect, and devotion towards parents as a core principle of the faith.

“Adedas Ramadan Lecture has been a tradition in the Abule Egba community, it provides strong network for spiritual enrichment and education during the holy month of Ramadan.

“it has helped to bring unity, love and faith among members of the Islamic community within and outside to celebrate and reflect on the teachings of Islam.

Others guest that were in attendance were King Aladin Eleguishi of Ota, Onilere of ibeju lekki, Baale Oniwasimi, Alhaja Mrs. Ewenla, Mrs. Oyinlola Ewenla, Oba Oniresi, Pastor Raymond, Chief Onilere, Oba Onipeju Elect, Honourable Abdul Assist.

Others are Mr. Olaniyan Babaoba, Alimosho PDP chairman, Honourable Oriyomi, Secretary Pdp, Alimosho, Vice Chairman Alimosho PDP, Baale Wasimi, Honourable Akin JP, and others in attendance.

Annual Ramadan Lecture By Adedas And Company Global Service Limited

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