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Corruption, Injustice, Unfairness have taken deep at NNPC – Staff


Corruption, Injustice, Unfairness have taken deep at NNPC – Staff

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Some of the staff of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) say corruption, injustice and unfairness have taken deep at NNPC and are clearly exhibited on a daily basis!

Some of the anonymous staff who spoke to our reporter that an entity that is supposed to be responsible for harnessing Nigeria’s oil and gas reserves for sustainable national development has now banded as Northern Nigeria Petroleum Company.

They claimed that out of the eight members of the Senior Management Team, Six are Northerners, while there are only two members from the Southern Nigeria, One from South South and the other from the South West while there are no member from the South East, despite that the Board Chairman Mrs. Okadigbo and One Henry Obi who hailed from the South East are on the Board of the NNPC.

It also disclosed that Strategic Business Units (SBUS) are heavily manned by the Northerners for example TRADING, NAPIMS, NPDC, NRL and most of the assets (OMRS) in NPDC are managed by the Northerners!

They said that the corruption, injustice and unfairness are reeking up to high heavens as Nue Oil Energy Ltd, a company registered on March 9th, 2022 with a share of One Million bought 100 percent shares in OVH Energy Marketing Ltd and ASPM Ltd from OVH Energy BV, a joint Venture between Vitol and Helios in September 2022!

They also added that although very painful, the acquisition cost was not stated in the filing at the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE).
The Staff of NNPC Ltd are largely pained that in the same September 2022 NNPC Ltd acquired the assets from Nue Oil, a company with two Directors-Dagazau Mumuni, Chief Operating Officer, OVH and Shanono Sharif Zailani, River Brand Energy Ltd as stated in the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) document of the company (NUE OIL ENERGY) with reckless impunity.

The GECO had directed the management of OVH to take over the management of NNPC Retail Ltd while Dagazau Mumuni, COO, OVH and Director in the NUE OIL ENERGY was appointed as Special Adviser Downstream to the GECO, NNPC LTD when there is EVP, Downstream NNPC Ltd.

The GECO in the last one year has carried out illegal recruitment of staff into the NNPC LTD, while the NNPC Retail Ltd Staff have been excluded in the implementation of the PIA as it relates to transfer of staff to NNPC LTD as the GECO ensures that his cronies are appointed to be at the head of affairs at the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) and the Midstream Downstream Petroleum Regulations Authority (NMDPRA).

The Staff of NNPC Ltd are not pleasant with the appointment of Mr. Huub Stokman, a white man as the Management Director (MD) NNPC Retail Ltd, whereas there are Nigerians with more cognate industry experience, competency and capacity in the Downstream Sector of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry!

Available information from the CAC on the NNPC Retail Status shows that Stokman is not a Director in NNPC Retail Ltd since he does not have a valid work permit from the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS).

The Staff were disappointed that Stokman and his Management Team OVH in 2021 recorded a huge loss of over four billion naira only, with a 5% market share and expenses of over twenty-five (25) billion naira only for 2021-2022!

They noted however, that while the NNPC Ltd Staff in 2021, NNPC Retail netted a profit of over five billion naira only, a market share of 100 percent made a retained profit of over ten billion naira only and a support expense of less than five billion naira only for 2021-2022!

Meanwhile, the actions of Stokman has caused disaffection, disunity and demotivation of NNPC Retail Staff as a result of the imposition of his OVH Staff as management team on NNPC Retail Staff, despite the uncommon and immense contributions to the unimaginable growth and success of the company even with some NNPC Retail Ltd!

They also claimed that some of the staff with over 15 years Cognate Downstream Experience, Competency and Capacity before joining the NNPC Retail Ltd, very sadly have not been promoted since they were employed in NNPC Retail Ltd over ten years ago!

The staff are asking questions `WHO actually acquired WHAT? Did NNPC Ltd acquire NUE OIL ENERGY (OVH) or vice versa!

They, therefore. made a clarion call on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (GCFR) and his presidency to urgently salvage the National Oil Company from the hands of the heavily corrupt management overseeing the affairs of the NNPC Ltd and her subsidiaries!

They also request the powers that be, that there should be immediate investigations of NNPC Ltd and her subsidiaries in areas of fronter exploration activities, DSD/PPSA/under recovery etc.

Other areas are Non-functionality of NNPC refineries (Turn Around Maintenance-TAM funding), daily PMS consumption, perenial fuel scarcity from February 2022 to May 2023, white product allocation and distribution by NNPC-PPMC, trading and NRL from 2019-date!

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Also, in allocation of Ojo Domestic LPC scheme (EXONMOBIL), alleged theft of 80% of crude oil production in Nigeria, Ownership, management and functionality of the OMLS under NNPC Ltd, 20% NNPC Ltd investment in the Dangote Refinery, NUE oil energy acquisition etc.

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