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Igboho should be allowed to cater to his health issues abroad -Gani Adams


Igboho should be allowed to cater to his health issues abroad
-Gani Adams

Following the ‘conditional release’ yesterday of Yoruba nation activist, Sunday Adeyemo fondly called Igboho and the circumstances surrounding his temporary relief, Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land,Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams has urged the Beninese government to allow Igboho seek proper medical treatment abroad.
Reacting to the celebrated reports of Igboho’s ‘release’ from Benin Republic prison,Iba Adams,in a statement by his Special Assistant on Media,Mr.Kehinde Aderemi,said the long period of incarceration had taken a huge toll on the health of the activist, insisting that Igboho should be allowed to seek proper medical treatment from his personal physician in Germany.
The Yoruba generalissimo, however, expressed worry at the condition surrounding his release, declaring that the Yoruba nation activist had committed no offence to warrant such inhuman treatment.
” It is a welcome development that my brother,chief Sunday Adeyemo, Igboho was released,however,the condition attached to his temporary freedom is not enough”
“Based on his failing health and other conditions surrounding his personality,Igboho should be allowed to visit his personal physician in Germany.”
“It is the personal physician that has his health history and records.
It is his personal physician that knows him deep down. It is his personal physician that can proffer lasting solution to the personal health issues”
“Therefore, the idea of releasing the activist and further restricted him unjustly to seekĀ  medication within Benin Republic is not enough”
“It is like you are giving somebody something with the right hand and at the same time you are collecting that same thing with the left hand. That to me amounts to nothing”
“At the same time,it is a victory we all cherished,but much still need to be done to drive home our point that Igboho is not a criminal”
“He is an activist that is fighting for the liberation of Yoruba race.But it must be said also that he is not alone. Those of us that believed in the struggle are solidly behind him, and very soon,I am sure justice will prevail and Igboho will regain his freedom from the Beninese government”

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