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KCCN festival 2024 completition XMOP 5-man won with seven hundred thousand cash prize in Lagos


KCCN festival 2024 completition XMOP 5-man won with seven hundred thousand cash prize in Lagos


In a bid to accelerate their talents in dancing, the XMOP 5-man won the 2024 K-Pop Dance Competition in Lagos with the grand prize of N700, 000.

The group team leader,Chinamere Rapheal,first God will,at a point, we would have given up, but we keep faith because it’s the first time different persons unite to dance in a dancing completion .

Rapheal said, while preparing for K-pop completition coming from Port Harcourt we had many challenges,but we work hard nothing come easy in life that is the result of working before success.

“We feel deeply honoured by K-Pop community it was extremely great,we extend our gratitude to the panel of judges,our voters that found it worthy of this great privilege,he said

KCCN festival featured it’s annual dance and singing competition which began with a preliminary round in 30th April 2024,10 dance teams and 10 singing contestants were selected across the competitive pool that participated in the finale.

The K-Pop/K-Culture community since it’s inception thrilled the amazing performances from both categories, until the winners were announced.


Mr Lee Sangho,Consul general Lagos office of the embassy of the republic of Korea expressed satisfaction on this 2024 K-Pop performance of Nigerian telanted youths that performed so excellent despite the economy situation.

Sangho said in his speech, that the K-Pop world festival is the world largest Korea wave festival in which global fans from all over the world participate in, since it’s inception in 2011, the event which is being hosted jointly by the ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of culture,sport and tourism of the republic and Korea Broadcasting System (KBS),is held through preliminary rounds in many countries around the world.

According to him, culture, sport and tourism enhance the relationship between Korea and Nigerian,my people like the K-pop festival actually it shown love that exists in both counties.

“Among the Korean waves, cultures the K-pop is trending, becoming more popular these days among many people, especially Nigerian youths.

“K-Pop beats and dance steps are tunes that Nigerian youths can easily dance, sign,relate and vibe with as it keeps their hopes aspirations and dreams alive making it more enshrined among teenagers,he added.

Victory Mbagwu placed first in the Singing category of the competition with a N400, 000 cash prize said I have passion for songs especially the Korean songs.

I am happy for coming out first position in singing completition,it is God who made it possible,last two years I was at Abuja for Ambassador’s Singing category which I never come close to any position. Infact 2 days to this finale completition I notice my voice has track I have to work it.

Second position dancing goes to FEMME FORCE and Mayowa Miller,3rd position in singing Macwhitney Myles and dancing B-star
while the most popurity are FEMME FORCE group


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