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Home News Labour Party Stakeholders in Lagos says we are the original members 

Labour Party Stakeholders in Lagos says we are the original members 


Labour Party Stakeholders in Lagos says we are the original members
Following the on going primary elections in Lagos state after the Independent Electoral body had conducted and concluded primary elections across all the states, Lagos state Labour Party (LP) raised an alarm that some persons who were not members of the party are imposing fake candidates to conduct another election.
Briefing Pressmen in the Labour Party Congress House, Yaba, Comr Adesegun Adelana (Aluta), a candidate of the party said the party had its primary elections on May 26, 2022 in all the Local Government Area that produced the authentic candidates.
Adelana described any other Labour party in Lagos state as fake, saying, we are the authentic candidates and members that recognised by our party state and national and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).
He noted that INEC was on ground as an observer in all the respective primary elections in all constituencies across the 20 LGA’s and the 37 LGA’s in the state.
According to him, after elections, the results of candidates that won were announced with their names and pictures published by INEC in all their offices which has a total of 40 House of Assembly candidates, 24 House of Representative candidates and 3 Senatorial candidates.
“We therefore, kick against all forms of imposition of unwanted members and those intruders who want to dismantle the already built Party will not succeed.
“In my constituency Somolu we are not depending on any body, many witnessed the elections, saw the outcome of the process and know the authentic candidates.
” So how can somebody wake up now to destroyed what the party has built without fear of God, he queried?
He said that Nigeria is bleeding on a daily basis, the masses are tired of the situation and someone is paid to disorganize our party structure for selfish interest, we say ‘No’ it will not work.
“Let the youth say no to impurity, stand up, get their Permanent Voters Card to take what belongs to them, enough of smiling and suffering syndrome”.
Hon. Ejike Metu, a candidate of Amuwo Odofin federal constituency said that the main purpose of the meeting was to deliberate on the way forward and how they can work with understanding as a team.
Metu noted that nobody will be left behind as the party wants inclusive discussions in the movement, adding that no one will be hurt due to minor issues”.
He described Labour party as a new Nigeria where everybody will have fresh breathe and something different from the past where leaders do not have the fear of God.
“Labour party is coming out with new ideas, no need of telling Nigerians what the party will do because they know the problems and want to work on how the country will be better again”, he said.
Omorodion Dorcas, a candidate for Alimosho Federal Constituency said that she needs to give her constituents the best.
“We do not want intruders in our party, we know our members can not accommodate fake members”.
Comr Tony Masha, a member of the Nigeria Labour Congress and vice chairman of the Labour party said that the primary elections held in May is the authentic party member of Lagos state chapter.
According to him, the party conducted the primary elections where candidates were successfully elected for various posts so any election conducting after May is fake and we are all saying No to it.
“We will not allow any group of people within the party as moles to disorganize the work of members who laboured endlessly to elect their respective candidates during the primaries.
Abimbola Akeem, a youth coordinator of the Party in Somolu  said everyone in Nigeria is economically affected with the present situation, hence the youth wants to stand up and take what belongs to them.
“I am pleading to all youth to rise up now, the time has come to change the situation, let us get our PVCs to exercise our right not by selling the cards because when you sell the cards for pea nut suffering continues, we should shine our eye now.1

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