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Let’s walk and work together for a better and greater Nigeria – Dr Bolaji Akinyemi


Let’s walk and work together for a better and greater Nigeria – Dr Bolaji Akinyemi

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The Board Of Trustee Chairman, Project Victory Call Initiative, (AKA) PVC,Dr Bolaji Akinyemi says is a political education and advocacy group, that operates developmental engagement through project initiations.

According him, we headline projects such as Community Political Education (CPE), A Night 4 Naija, Community Ambassador for Peaceful Election (CAPE), and Legislative Revolution Network (LRN), which are all up and running the statement was Our new addition to our long list of Projects is iWalk and its 2nd edition is scheduled for Monday the 2nd of October 2023.

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I walk is conceived to be an awareness walk to promote values for a better and greater Nigeria.

Expected to participate in the walk are iWalkers and all interested patriotic Nigerians.

iWalk — Independence Walk; is our deliberate effort to create Citizens’ conscious commitment to values that can help build a better and greater nation.

This annual walk to celebrate the *Independence* of our dear Country every October, started last year.Our maiden edition was captioned; iWalk: No To Vote Buying!

Its acceptance by Nigerians in major *State* capitals was remarkable. *Little* surprise therefore of the success recorded.

Efforts of The Peace Committee of Rotary Clubs to the Success of iWalk 2022 across the country is worthy of note. They are also partnering with us for this year’s iWalk.

Other NGO’s and corporate bodies are encouraged to follow the good example of Rotary Club and join us to walk and work together to build a country that works for all.

PVC Naija as an organisation is committed to political education and advocacy, we did our best before and during the last election to ensure a free and fair process.

The riddled process we call an election has come and gone, but not without leaving us with a global perspective that has further sunk our brand as a nation.

This is our essential reality!

We must accept the challenge of living with the consequences of an election and its aftermath, particularly of the 2023 *general elections*.

Let me remind you of the civility expected of us within a constitutional Democracy.

We are faced today with the challenge of building a better and greater nation under the democratic principle of the prevalence of the rule of law over our individual wishes and ways or the whims and caprices of those who hold sway in the system.

Our confrontations are obvious; how well can we trade in rules when brigandage is extolled?

How do we project justice when our judiciary is jaundiced and a section of our Supreme Court is razed down by strange fire. For the first time in the history of our election, the unwashed stain of our dirty linen is taken before American Court for laundry.

Our rider; “4 a better and greater nation”, we invite everyone to embrace, so that Nigeria will be great again.

To achieve this, our emphasis on the iWalk 2023 is; *iWalk 4 good governance*

Inevitably, if good governance is our expectation, then Nigerians must come out in their numbers to register it.

The components of iWalk 2023; iWalk for good governance is designed to accommodate and express the desire of all Nigerians for good governance one way or the other, they are, but, not limited to the following:

iWalk 4 Justice!

iWalk 4 Restructuring!

iWalk 4 Accountability!

iWalk 4 Transparency!

iWalk 4 Equality.

iWalk 4 Freedom of Religion.

iWalk 4 Freedom of Expression.

iWalk 4 Governance Impact Assessment!

And most importantly in view of the death of the young budding star, Mohbad who was brought down in his moment of glory by circumstances allegedly relating to drug and cultism.

We must walk to say No To drug abuse and cultism.

Every iWalker this year has the liberty of choice. Our placards will bear the message of the work we anticipate, demonstrated through our walking.

When the walk is over, then the work is just beginning.

Reflecting on the expectation of the masses for good governance; iWalk must translate to; “WeWork; for a better and greater Nigeria Campaign”, which will be a citizen driven campaign.

Good governance delivery is the duty for which everyone in Government is elected. This must be their discharge without needless praise and celebration.

However, to expect them to discharge their duties without being put on their toes is like expecting a monkey to farm our banana plantations without belting their mouths, and expecting a bumper harvest.

We have given our precious banana plantations to monkeys, we can’t look away and be uninterested only to come back in four years expecting to see banana to eat from our plantations.

Our daily duties as citizens in expectation of performance from public servants is to structure a measurable Governance Impact Assessment Valuation System.

To this process of assessment we pledge ourselves knowing that to rediscover Nigeria, we all must walk and work together.

Nigerians are encouraged to join iWalk at any of the listed locations:

South East:
Abia State, Umuahia.

Where iWalkers will walk from; Cooperative – Isi gate – through Aba road crossing – Aba road tower – Govt House.

North East
Taraba State, Jalingo where iWalkers will walk from the Ministry of Works Roundabout to Government House junction, Jalingo.

South South
Edo State:
Benin City where iWalkers will walk from; The King’s Square- moved round the Ring Road- Airport Road- Via Golf Course Road- NUJ Press Centre.

North Central Abuja. FCT; where iWalkers will walk from; Abuja Continental Hotel (formerly Sheraton) – Millennium Park.

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iWalk is designed with the mood of the nation and it is therefore structured to be peaceful. Interested members of the public should be informed that, pre-registration is compulsory for participation. Our portal for iWalk 2023 is open @
You can register now!

Let’s walk and work for a better and greater Nigeria together.

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