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Ondo Guber-2024; PDP’s ‘Imole’ advancing!


Ondo Guber-2024; PDP’s ‘Imole’ advancing!


-Gbenga A. Adekola


In my little years of sojourn, I have seen what light could do; not just to mankind but nature as a whole. Even as epileptic as Nigeria’s electricity situation is, I still see the ecstasy that permeates the atmosphere to herald the availability of electric energy in the provision of light to the extent that though the ‘NEPA’ days had long gone, the shout of “UP NEPA!” still rends the air.

One among the PDP aspirants boasts of the leading light with the capacity to make ecstasy rend the air like heralding power supply!

Bosun Arebuwa, a seed from Ode-Aye in Okitipupa has become a tree big enough to provide comfortable shade for the entire Ondo state.

The reputable chartered accountant with passion for human capital development is poised to bag PDP’s ticket for the governorship election.

As the primary election draws near, Bosun Arebuwa’s team embarked on campaign tour of the 18 local governments which has 3 Senatorial districts to launder the ambition and curry the delegates votes. “A man not given to many words yet highly compassionate with humility second to none” that was just the summation of one of the delegates at ile-oluji who pleaded anonymity when asked describe Bosun.
At Ese-odo, while doling out his dossier, Arebuwa said it was the fact that he went thru the hard side of life and God allowed him emerge successful that informed his forming “THE BOSUN AREBUWA FOUNDATION”- a non governmental organisation with multifaceted activities viz reaching out to the less privileged financially, medically and also education and training support schemes. His youth empowerment programs are being benefited by many.

Alade Oluwagbenga Olalekan is a delegate from Akure; he has this to say: “apart from the philanthropic gestures of Bosun Arebuwa which many testifies of like the biblical Dorcas, his sense of commitment to the fiscal development of the state can not be rivalled by any of the other aspirants as he is adjudged to be the third highest taxpayer in the state; a fact our correspondent Raymond Lamai investigated at the state’s Internal Revenue office only to be told that Bosun is actually the highest indigenous taxpayer in the state because the other two before him are companies not locally owned. It was also established that he largely influences business developments as he regularly invites investors to do business in the state.

There is no gainsaying the fact that Bosun Arebuwa is advancing towards the flag bearing for PDP in Ondo state. Like some delegates rhetorted; “why having many aspirants when this man seems to be the most qualified? others should just join hands with him and watch PDP coast home to victory in the November Governorship election!

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