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Owo Terror: Abeokuta Outburst by Tinubu at Buhari, Catholic and The Pope.


Owo Terror: Abeokuta Outburst by Tinubu at Buhari, Catholic and The Pope.

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi

On Thursday the 2nd of June 2022, Bola Ahmed Tinubu stormed Abeokuta, Ogun State in furtherance of his political consultations ahead of the APC Presidential primary scheduled finally from Monday, 6th of June 2022.

Tinubu was in his best element; articulate and deliberate in his delivery, he gave the most screaming speech ever delivered by any politician of this dispensation in aspiration of 2023.

Unfortunately, the fact of Tinubu’s brilliance was distorted by many Bloggers who in the bid to break the news got Tinubu wrong and misinformed the public.

Asiwaju chronicled his political party involvement historically, reminding his audience it began from AD, AC, ACN and now APC, and then sacarstically refered to the party as “ogun efori”, meaning treatment for headache, leaving the intelligent in no doubt to the headache his party possibly has become to Nigerians.

Reflecting on the journey of their party to victory in 2015, he said Buhari offered me to run with him as his Vice, because, in his first attempt he chose Okadigbo, a flamboyant faji loving CATHOLIC but didn’t get enough votes to justify that decision, his second attempt, he made with Ume Ezeoke ended again in a tale of failure. The strategic politician in Tinubu avoided details of Buhari’s third attempt, because that would have necessitated him to mention Pastor Tunde Bakare with whom the last failed attempt was made, he had no intention to up Bakare’s political clout with a negative comment or positive endorsement, for whichever; Tinubu is news.

Quoting Buhari in a manner that suggest that the Igbo were the refrence, Tinubu said, “even if I bring the Pope from Rome they will not vote for him, but you, Bola Tinubu you have 6 governors and you have never lost election.

Of late, effort of Christians in politics has been unnecessarily loud with results that bears no semblance with our outrage and this may lead to fatal performance of the church components in our politics except we are attentive to hear what we should and structure to respond than speaking in response.

Tinubu has made his point, what Buhari couldn’t achieve with a Catholic, he begged to with him a muslim. Emphasising Buhari’s frustration with ‘the Pope from Rome’, the people will still not vote for him, can the catholic and the Pope stop Tinubu in 2023?

Standing on Shettima’s address should worry anyone who has followed insecurity in the country. The former Governor of Borno state under whose administration the dissident boko haram group flourished and became a national monster, is all out and squarely behind Tinubu.

Tinubu is an excellent communicator, like what he says or not, you are never left in doubt of his intentions.

With the terror attack in Owo which unofficial source claims left 87 bodies and many persons injured, with allegations pointing at fulani herdsmen, do I need to remind Nigerians of what Tinubu’s speech will be if he is to visit Arakunrin Akeredolu to commiserate with him. It might not be any different from an ambitious informed position that became of his condolence visit to Pa Fasoranti the leader of Afenifere, father of Funke Olakunrin who was guresomely murdered by suspected fulani herdsmen. Our ambition ridden Tinubu then, now presidential aspirant, in order to remain in the good books of the troubling tribe of Nigeria jumped into conclusion. “Excuse me, I am extremely concerned about security and I don’t want a stigma. How many years ago have we faced insecurity in the country and cases of kidnapping, is Evans who was arrested and his disclosure then a herdsmen? I don’t want to be political. The question is where are the cows?

He spoke without being guided by investigation. The police investigation team 9 months later cracked the nut, and cleared all doubts relating to the tribal identity of the criminals having established sufficient physical and forensic evidence linking four fulani herdsmen arrested in connection with the murder of Olakunrin, paraded them at the Federal SARS Headquarters in Lagos. Though four men of this tribal gang are still at large possibly hiding somewhere in the axis of Ondo state. Yet we went to sleep with 4 notorious criminals living among us, could this be what we paid for in Owo?

Tinubu is for me too sectional to be the President of Nigeria. APC will do well to reason that a leader faced with critical crime to resolve but made remarks to exonerate the guilty tribe and criminalize the not guilty is not the best in the context of today’s Nigeria.

What sin has Arakunrin Akeredolu committed to deserve this Jihadist punishment? Is there a link between this and his role that prevailed on the Northern Governors to finally leave the contest for the south? Many questions begging for answers!

Whatever the decision of the APC, Nigerians have the final say. However, with the attack in Owo, will Arakunrin Akeredolu be able to perform his role as the unifying factor of the south west interest or will he toe the path of honour and lead the Yoruba nation to a boycott of APC primary and ultimately of the 2023 election in protest of this war against his people and the Yoruba nation. Can we really continue like this going to 2023? Afe Babalola has finally been proven right, what we need now is not another election. How safe are other states in the south west or better still which state is next in line for attack should be our question and not who will emerge the candidate of APC, the party that has left us at the mercy of multiple non state actors; bandits, kidnappers, boko haram and unknown gun men and carries on as if nothing is happening.

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