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By Adeniyi Adekola

The umbrella body for Christians in Nigeria is Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN); a parent body to Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). The latter was birthed with the supposed objective of among many others, having a fellowship of spirit filled believers. Pentecostal Christians pride themselves in the fact that they adhere strictly to biblical dictates though with the help of a distinct spiritual personality referred to as the Holy spirit. it is believed by this sect that they are doing things as expected of them by the almighty God.
If the aforementioned were true of PFN, then the truism of “to whom much is given, much is expected” becomes very applicable! It is very unlikely that those who claim to be closer to God by possessing the personality of God and responding to him by way of intuition should do things wrongly and be involved in misdemeanors.
In the words of a concerned Christian Elder in the State; “Records abound of uncanny public utterance of the number one Christian Citizen in the State, most recent was made at the 60th birthday celebration of a respected Bishop. When he openly beat his chest and swore that it will be Toyin Kehinde or nobody.

The PFN election scheduled for tomorrow is already compromised. I will be surprised if the election is allowed to hold and the result is different from the boast of the state’s number one Christian Citizen and a stern supporter and advocate of Muslim Muslim ticket as the National Director of Social Issues of CAN, who by that position leads the political engagement of CAN. A job he did so well to the disadvantage of Christian but to his own nest festering as he got rewarded by the President with the appointment of the Executive Secretary of the National Christian Pilgrims Board.

As CAN Chairman, he should be father to all the 5 blocs under CAN, but has chosen a Candidate and he’s determined to impose the same on PFN, In connivance with the South West Secretariat of PFN their first attempt to force Toyin Kehinde on the State, in their word as “Yoruba candidate who will do their biddings”, was shot down by the National President. Another election was scheduled for last February, it was internally manipulated to favour their anointed Yoruba candidate. The national office again came to the rescue”.

Having followed the highly esteemed ‘spirit filled’ union, sorry fellowship (PFN); especially the Lagos state chapter, one would be nothing but perturbed by the stench oozing from the ecumenical pot represented by supposed elders and leaders which has stalled the emergence of a credible state Chairman for almost two years now. With fingers pointing at Archbishop John Alagbala Osa-Oni; the Founder of Vineyard Christian Centre and Deputy National President South West as one who having weighed his influence two years ago to make a caricature of the then Lagos state executive body, portrayed the ease at which the system can be manipulated, made it easy for political jobbers to squeeze themselves in and attempt a hijack. Speaking further, the source said the last election was a show of shame and a mockery of the glory of pentecostalism where it’s believed that the people are led by the spirit of God. “There was no election but the ratification of a preferred candidate and the ruling party (APC) had its handwriting on the wall”.
The source’s last statement which sounded as an indictment of the ruling party triggered my curiosity so I probed further; asking what has APC got to do with PFN? Then the finger goes to Bishop STV Adegbite of CAN as sponsoring the anti-igbo agenda. He reminded me of the post 2023 general elections in Nigeria which saw the igbos and yorubas at loggerheads and laying claims to the soul of Lagos state. In his words, Adegbite is a die hard APC man and an appointee. He was at the forefront of the anti-igbo campaign; which is what he is thrusting on PFN. Thank God for the National office of PFN who annulled the ratification called election, He concluded.
The essence of my scribbling however is what little bird told me. The opportunity to do the right thing has availed itself again! Tomorrow, Tuesday 28th, May 2024 has been slated for a fresh state election. The last election was conducted among PFN State Advisory Council Members who were just 12 in number. In a bid to create a free and fair election SAC has been expanded to 33, with a new group referred to as glory to glory. Men whose involvement in the past in PFN nobody can attest to. Aside from the open opulence of their ministry. Rife speculations exist that the record of their financial subvention to PFN are in doubt. “How this group made it to SAC is a question our Christian conscience should query. If necessary, the election should be postponed for another one week to create a peaceful habitation for the Spirit of God to guide and help the PFN make this all important decision. If it were possible. All the candidates in the last February election should be disqualified from contesting the new election”. Another source opined.

As acclaimed pentecostals, submission to the leading of the holy spirit is a core-value and adherence to biblical dictates is more than necessary. Ipso facto, the no Jew no Greek assertion of biblical Apostle Paul should be a watchword to enhance the voter’s leaps above tribal or ethnic sentiments and engender a spirit-led choosing.
As a practising christian also, I plead with those who are called to occupy the seat of leadership representing denominations which form the PFN to shun the vices inherent in worldly politics using Galatians 5:10 as your guide; resisting external and devilish influences if you know that we your church members are watching from various towers and those not named by our Lord Jesus christ have their eyes on you to ridicule. As men of God, be led and as Pentecostals, do it above boards.

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