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Home News Easter : Methodist prelate urges govt to mop up prohibited firearms

Easter : Methodist prelate urges govt to mop up prohibited firearms


Easter : Methodist prelate urges govt to mop up prohibited firearms
The Methodist Prelate, his eminence Chukwuemeka Kanu Uche has urged Federal Government to conduct thorough screening on individuals at the border to mop up illegal firearms in Nigeria.
Chukwuemeka said that free movement of individuals without proper screening had led to aiding and abating supply and distribution of illegal weapons used by some individuals or group to perpetrate all kinds of evil.
He disclosed this during Easter message as Christians all over the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ at Tinubu Methodist Church of Nigeria, Lagos state.
“They have a away of doing it and we have a government, how can we go and fight ECOMOG,Congo ,Sudan war as peace keeping force which were successful. “yet we can’t tackle our own insurgency, is very absorb government should think twice,” he noted.
He urged government with a matter urgency to do something concerning the issue of illegal weapons and banditry as election period approaches.
“Govt should think twice, our patience is running out because there might be problem which we do not pray for.
“They are forcing us to react and if everybody react there will be no stability and we are not praying for that, what we are asking for is to overcome our present challenges, he said.
According to the prelate, government has failed the nation over the insecurity challenges inspite having the financial muscle, Armed forces and everything to fight the insurgency.
His Eminence Chukwuemeka Kanu Uche assured Nigerians of hope and victory in any situations due to Christ death and resurrection adding that Jesus did not resurrect there will be no Easter, Christmas and good Friday.
He points out that no matter the challenges individual is going through there’s hope and victory.
“The resurrection of Jesus shows that if there is weeping at night, there is always joy in the morning,”. he added
He encouraged Nigerians to cheer up, that the present situation will soon be over ,God will bring a real change not a man change and everybody will rejoice.

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