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Home News 2023:Onamade declares for Lagos State House of Assembly

2023:Onamade declares for Lagos State House of Assembly


2023:Onamade declares for Lagos State House of Assembly



A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress,APC,Hon Oluwatosin Onamade has declared to contest for the Ikorodu Constituency 11 seat in the Lagos state House of Assembly.

He made the declaration at the Josheld Model Event Center,Ijede,Ikorodu area of Lagos state.

Onamade popularly known as Osmo told the party members that he decided to run for the office to expressly heed the call of our community members and party leaders,who have placed a high level of trust and faith,not only on me, also on my leadership capabilities and ability to provide true representation for Ikorodu Constituency 11

“As a man who is highly passionate about public service, I am inspired by the courage and achievement of all the leaders who have charted the path of development for Ikorodu Constituency 11,he said.

He told the party members why it is important to work on their successes for the goodwill of our people,I am further compelled by the urgency of the current prevalent economic situation affecting our dear Ikorodu citizens to develop ideas and strategies and also making courageous and intentioned decisions that impact positively on their lives.

“My promise to the people of Ikorodu Constituency 11,if given the opportunity to represent them in the Lagos state house of Assembly,to provide and guarantee ,qualitative, passionate ,visible and result oriented representation for my constituency.

“I will also leverage on the experiences of the best hands in Ikorodu Constituency 11 to provide the desired representation in every sense of the word to my constituents,he added.

According to him,he said as a democrat and firm believer in the rule of law,if given the opportunity to represent Ikorodu Constituency 11 in the Lagos state House of Assembly,I will collaborate with other colleagues in the state Assembly to review some laws that have remained a clog in Lagos state to engender progress, unity and fair play.

Hon.Onamade “I assure you that if I am elected as a member of Lagos state House of Assembly,to represents Ikorodu Constituency 11,I am going to be a visible,listening, discerning and active legislator. ” I will also contribute my quota to the growth and development of our dear mighty constituency and Lagos state.

” I am sending a clarion call to our party leaders, members, men and women, youth and the elderly, that  there is a lot of work to be done to achieve more in Ikorodu Constituency 11 of our dreams.

I urge you all to come out to support and vote for me during our party primaries election so that I can be the APC flag-bearer in the Lagos state House of Assembly in the general election, he stated.

In his response, APC leader Adewale Ajala,said Onamade is qualified to contest the election because it is our turn to produced who will represent us,Ijede have been marginalised no one remember we are part of Ikorodu.

Ajala said APC as a party have been all exclusive,you can not do it all but do your best and so far the party has being carrying everybody along I can’t remember any comment from the community or local community that the party has not being doing well.

He said I was able to reorganise the fact that it’s not about prayer point or miracle ,you want the candidate you have not registered, we want people who are really interested in party policy and all of us must be interested, if you do not register you can’t vote,if you don’t vote you can’t determine who will become your leader or government so what are you doing by not registering,it’s not about I like Burhari or Jagaban as a citizen you have a duty to participate in every election it’s a civic duty in fact I will almost criminalize it .

He further noted that if you don’t play your civic duty you are a criminal insight, why do you neglect your duty because whatever you do is for today and tomorrow many of us are complaining about the present administration if they give you palliative you say is dirty when you allowed such people to rule why are you complaining, God will never come to say let me come over to rule you,he has give us the people and all the knowledge we need .”in the Bible its says it is finished after the six days of completing everything and he sat to watch and see the way we are playing it out.

“Everybody is saying,God help us,you have to work because the Bible says you have to work and pray,he added

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