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IGP Egbetokun Starts Off on Wrong Foot – Bolaji O. Akinyemi.


IGP Egbetokun Starts Off on Wrong Foot – Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

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An English adage I heard since my primary school days has translated into a philosophy of life. It says: “Never put a cart before the horse.”

Egbetokun can’t afford to fail, and therefore should be very careful. The Nigerian police has repeated insecurity class since 2015. I don’t think it is a good one for any organisation to be in the same spot or class for a period of 8 years, yet its officers are getting promoted!

Egbetokun can’t rely on the institution of the Nigerian Police as it were today to provide him system re-invention to lift the service. He shouldn’t see himself as a man coming to inherit the system and its many rots!

Sir, you are a new man on an old job. Your newness had better lift the service or you’ll be sucked into the old rot and nothing may change!

News monitored in Lagos reports that the Acting Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Olukayode Egbetokun, has taken the same old noisy route of threatening to withdraw personnel of the Police Mobile Force (PMF) from VIPs. This rhetoric is a familiar one, almost a noise that announces the arrival of a new Sheriff.

The purpose of this tradition once a new IGP is appointed, I think Nigerians should investigate. Is it a deliberate orchestration to make all VIPs to whom mobile police are attached to come pay homage to the new Lord of the demeanour?

Speaking in Abuja on Monday, June 26, he said the force would re-evaluate the responsibilities of the PMF to ensure their effective utilisation.
According to Premium Times, he said: “Specifically, we shall effect the withdrawal of PMF personnels from VIP escort and guard duties.
While the protection of dignitaries remains paramount, it is imperative that we realign our priorities to address the escalating security challenges faced by the nation as a whole.
By relieving the PMF of VIP escort and guard duties, we can redirect their focus and efforts toward addressing critical security concerns that affect our communities at large.”

The IGP, I believe should know that within the system are those who helped past IGPs to failure. A man desperate for success can’t rely on same hands, style and communications from such ring of men to bring him to it!

Egbetokun should rise to the challenge of shaking the tree to see its rotten fruits fall off!

“The IGP said a special committee headed by Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Operations had been set up to assess and advise on how the strategy could be implemented seamlessly.”

The communication should have been limited to the formation of the committee, scope of the assignment without pre-empting possible outcome of a committee that is just about to begin to sit.

One headline reads: “IGP Egbetokun Orders Withdrawal Of Mobile Police Personnels From VIPs” | Citizen.

It further reported: According to him, the committee is expected to submit its report in two weeks after which further details will be made available.

This is a wrong first foot, the IGP has more to do within the system than outside it for him to succeed. His next leg forward must come on the spot in the system where it is needed. Like everyone in desperate need of peace, I wish him well and pray that he will be led to the remnant within the system who can help him build a new Nigerian police!

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Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi is an Apostle and Nation Builder. Convener Apostolic Round Table ART and BOT Chairman Project Victory Call Initiative, AKA, PVC-Naija.

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