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Nigeria’s situation getting worse – Comr Iche


Nigeria’s situation getting worse – Comr Iche
A businessman and Human Rights Activists, Comrade Savior Iche has expressed disappointment over the current situation in Nigeria describing it as getting worse by the day.
Iche said this during a protest they staged in Lagos yesterday
“The hardships are too much on the masses even though they are suffering and smiling it’s becoming unbearable.
“We don’t know when all these self inflicted hardships and insecurities will be over because we are not safe, the masses are living with fear nowhere is safe again.
“Many families have lost their dear ones due to insecurity people are dying of hunger the economy has been destroyed and many businesses closed down.
According to him, for almost a year now the legislators resolved to set up a meeting with critical stakeholders in the country to address the frightening rise in prices of goods and services yet nothing has come out it.
” Life has become increasingly hard for many Nigerians, especially the low-income earners, unemployed youth, other vulnerable people, those on fixed incomes such as the pensioners and less privileges ones.
“Few households that can manage two square meals a day can no longer afford cooking gas and kerosene even firewood and charcoal as they are scarce due to the continuous attacks on farmers”.
He said that the security situation has gotten so bad that nobody goes to worship centers freely because of fear of being attacked by unknown gunmen, traveling by road and trains are also the same issue.
“Let Nigerians stop the pretending that all is well, it’s not well, we should face the reality to challenge the situation, they can’t cage or kill all of us. I’m worried about the youth and the masses.
“Nigeria is being threatened by some groups terrorizing the peace and unity of our dear nation.
“Bandits, unknown gunmen, kidnappers, Fulani herdsman and Boko haram, we need our leaders to address the matter, we can’t stand this any more, Nigerian is bleeding, enough of killing and shedding of innocent bloods.
“Nowhere is save for the citizens, every system is corrupt, food items being packaged in packs have reduced in quality and health care delivery sector’s corruption had deepened”, he added.

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